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November 15, 2017


Dear Visitor:

Parental Alienation undermines the value of loving parents who love our children beyond compare.  My name is Darel Long, the founder of this site, and one of my passions will extend to helping those effected by Parental Alienation.   The effects of parental alienation has the same toxicity as a parent or loved one who creates physical harm to others yet, on a deep emotional level, separates the love of one parent or loved one from a child.

Parental alienation often takes a deep root of opposition against another parent or family member.  Even under the best circumstances, a court scenario is often too late to provide the perfect remedy from parental alienation.

As early 2018 approaches, the site will take a positive approach to help others who have been impacted by parental alienation.  Early January, we will submit our non-profit formation and our non-profit will be self- funded.

Our funding will be received by personal donations, from investments from the West Indies, and a portion of earnings donated by an affiliate based web destination currently in development called: Our  funding will continue with earnings from the West Indies and from LongAERONAUTICS beginning Oct 6, 2017.

I’m sure some will want to donate money to our non- profit , if offered, I will decline your donation.  The venture will be self-funded, unless other notice is provided.  I will not accept a salary, and this will be staffed by volunteers, and one paid support member.    The mission is to simply help those who have been impacted by parental alienation, be a resource and connection with other professionals I deem valuable to help you during a difficult time. Services will be provided in the NRV area in Virginia, Roanoke City and Roanoke County, Tacoma, WA, Dallas, TX and Miami, FL.

Our Plan:

1: Provide scholarship funds to young, aspiring professionals seeking to enter family law.  The scholarship fund and details thereof will be provided early January 2018.  The aspiring young lawyer may submit an essay regarding parental alienation.  I will disburse $20,000.00 in the fall of 2018, to be applied toward the wining essays for 10 essay winners, for $2,000.00 each.

2: Based on financial means, if you are facing a custody case, and are impacted from parental alienation, we will consider releasing a grant payable to your lawyer

between $500.00-$5,000.00.  The budget for 2018 will provide up to $50,000.00 for legal grants.  Grant information will be provided March 2018 and not before.

I will only provide grants to lawyer’s whom I interview and know for certain you are in competent hands to improve the relationship with your son or daughter.  It is my hope to inspire greater co-parenting between you and your former spouse or abuser from parental alienation.

3: A strong component to help you most will often include a great counselor who has an expertise with parental alienation.  We will provide grants payable to an approved counselor, of my choice, for sums between $500.00-$2,500.00.

4: Develop support groups in Salem, VA, the New River Valley Area, and Roanoke, VA.

5:  Develop a web portal to valuable information from experts regarding parental alienation.

While many face parental alienation, I can honestly say I understand the effects.  I spent six years and three months in a custody battle for my daughter.  Full custody was removed from my former wife who was noted as having alienated me from my daughter and for a while we joined a shared physical custody agreement, meaning in our case we cared for our daughter one month with the mother and the other month will me as the father. For a while, before my health failed, my daughter and I enjoyed shared equal time and it was perhaps one of the happiest times in my life.  After vast sums of money spent on my custody case, and over 22 years to resolve urgent debt, I do have a solid understanding of what it means to me to be a survivor from parental alienation.  My deepest hope is that someday my daughter will understand and approach me to renew our bond as father and daughter.

This past year, I realized I wanted to help others who faced the same issues I undertook when my daughter was 3 years old.  Then recently, when I repaid harmful debt, I finally positioned this idea to emerge and to help others first by paying off debt then provide help via this site.  I decided to launch the site the middle of November 2017 and move forward again this coming January.

In closing, I wanted to offer a special thanks to some people who were helpful during my custody case.  There are others whom it’s wise not to mention until the points above are in place will be mentioned in January 2018.  My special thanks to Mrs. Donna Knox who became a very effective lawyer for my custody case.  She truly had my best interest at heart.  After a six year and three months court battle, and for a brief time before my health failed, my daughter and I spent equal time together.  To my daughter whom I love with all my heart.

Please, if you are experiencing parental alienation, seek the proper advice from local professionals in your area to locate the best lawyer and best counselor to support your loving hopes.  Expect hardships and expect victory.  Even in the midst of defeat, never ever give up. I discovered the best way to make certain I spent more time with my daughter during my custody case was to simply have the lawyer file a motion to request greater time and, inch by inch, our daughter benefited most by having equal time with both parents and was in fact confirmed by every professional appointed and hired.

Since my daughter was three years old thru the date listed on this site, the combined total to support legal costs now exceeds over $425,000.00.  Apart from this total were monies used for short term help with a principle sum for over $100,000.00. This sum proved to be the most harmful and difficult to repay.  and added another $306,800.00.

Our funding will be received by real estate investments overseas from West Indies Home Dealsand a new affiliate marketing site called: Later our permanent funding will continue from West Indies Home Deal and include beginning Oct 6, 2017 from LongAeronautics.

You are welcome to share the news about our hopes to help others with whatever capacity you are inspired.









Thanks for visiting. In early January, our plans move to the next phase as provided above.  The site, and our efforts, will never take any position to undermine my former wife but rather focus on those whom I can help. Our funding will help a limited number of persons and as our site grows we expect to inspire others to improve their own relationship amid conflict created from Parental Alienation

Caring thoughts,

Darel Long